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Fatboy Edison Lamp Medium

Your dream is to have a modern lamp with it's own remote control? Oh perfect, here you go. 20"H x 13"W Place lamp on a dry horizontal surface in a... Learn More


Fatboy Edison the Petit Lamp

This little indoor/outdoor buggar of a lamp will have all your neighbors talking. Great for evening picnics, camping or just hanging out in the lawn. 9.8"H x 6.3"W This modern... Learn More


Fatboy Junior Bean Bag

50"x40" Sorry parents, this will be your kiddos time-out dream come true. This bean bag is mean cool. Available in over 20 different colors Also available in Adult Size -... Learn More


Fatboy Metahlowski Bean Bag

W55"xH70" This modern take on a bean bag is grand daddy of all bean bags. It's metallic shine will give you street cred for days. Soft and flexible, but firm... Learn More


Fatboy Original Bean Bag Lounger

W55"x70H This modern take on the original bean bag chair is what you've been waiting for. Available in just about every color of the sun, it can fit into any... Learn More


Fatboy Original Stonewashed Bean Bag

 W55"xH70" This modern bean bag chair has a leg up on the competition. Why you ask? Because it's awesome and it wills itself to. We all could learn something from... Learn More