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Roger + Chris

Apo Floor Lamp

Apo plays the role of tailored, minimalist floor lamp with a mixture of tradition and friendly modernism. Available in unfinished brass and polished nickel with multiple customization options. Adjustable height,... Learn More


Baby Jack Globe Table Lamp

Baby Jack features the same unique look as the Big Jack Globe Lamp, but with an eight-inch diameter glass globe. A built-in dimmable LED bulb, provides a soft, diffuse glow... Learn More


Big Jack Globe Table Lamp

Big Jack's large, twelve-inch diameter glass globe rests gently in a cross base made of polished nickel or unfinished brass. With a built-in dimmable LED bulb, Jack provides a soft,... Learn More


Camper Desk Lamp

Camper makes a functional desk lamp, but works just as well at your bedside or on a sofa table. Paired with a dimmable LED, this efficient, elegant piece provides focused... Learn More


Rex Lamp

A little bit mid-century, a little bit mid-Cretaceous. Our Rex desk lamp mixes our love of everything mid-century modern with our love of fun, dino-inspired forms. Our signature solid, unfinished... Learn More


Satellight Schoolhouse Globe

Our little Satellight shines on your desk, sofa table, or bookshelf. Paired with the small globe, it makes a fantastic night light. The large globe or schoolhouse glass offers a... Learn More