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Baby Jack Globe Table Lamp

Baby Jack features the same unique look as the Big Jack Globe Lamp, but with an eight-inch diameter glass globe. A built-in dimmable LED bulb, provides a soft, diffuse glow... Learn More


Gus* Lightbox

The Lightbox is a lamp, a seat, and an accent table all in one. It casts a pleasing ambient light for interiors or covered exterior spaces. The cube-shaped shell has... Learn More


Gus* Vintage Swing Arm Lamp

The Gus* Vintage Swing Arm Lamp is a simple, wall-mounted light with a modern, industrial aesthetic that highlights the sculptural qualities of both the fixture and the bare lightbulb. The... Learn More


Big Jack Globe Table Lamp

Big Jack's large, twelve-inch diameter glass globe rests gently in a cross base made of polished nickel or unfinished brass. With a built-in dimmable LED bulb, Jack provides a soft,... Learn More


Fatboy Edison Lamp Medium

Your dream is to have a modern lamp with it's own remote control? Oh perfect, here you go. 20"H x 13"W Place lamp on a dry horizontal surface in a... Learn More