Gus* School Counter Stool

Take command of your kitchen island with these Gus* School Counter Stools. These modern stools will finish your space most perfectly. W19"xD19"xH32" - SEAT H24" Seat and back are molded... Learn More


Gus* Church Chair

Take me to church with this Gus* Church Chair. This old school design got a modern upgrade, and we are not mad about it. Set them around your table, and... Learn More


Gus* Church Stool

This stackable Gus* Church Stool is counter-height and was inspired by the functional seating used in gathering rooms at churches, schools, and public buildings. Features a bent-ply seat and back with... Learn More


Gus* School Chair

It's a blast from the past with this Gus* School Chair. You know that one girl who picked her nose non-stop in elementary school? Now you can think of her... Learn More


Gus* Thompson Chair SE

Attention showstoppers, this chair is for you, the Gus* Thompson Chair SE. You know those wooden chairs that look uncomfortable, but once you sit in it, you don't have a... Learn More