Meet the Artist: Sarah Rowe

Sarah Rowe (Omaha, NE) is showing 4 pieces of artwork at hutch. With a BA in studio art from Webster University, Saint Louise, Missouri, Sarah not only creates her own works she is also co-founder of Sweatshop Gallery in the Benson District of Omaha. With her offbeat and enchanting pieces she tells a fun story through loads of color and bold shapes.
"I enjoy storytelling. Everyone has a good story. I hope my work sparks a curiosity when people experience it, compelling them to share their own stories or speculate about the stories that live in my work."
Artist statement, "Lakota artist Sarah Rowe confronts issues regarding self-identity and exploitation, and re-imagines traditional Native American symbology and dream images. Drawing from skewed imagery in storybooks & history books, in conjunction with images from historical winter counts, Sarah projects her own vision and experience into the mix with a sense of playfulness and a hint of sarcasm.
Sarah’s work challenges societal misconceptions, opening a dialogue about our place today as a human family born from a long line of past experiences. These ideas emphasize the importance of moving forward, while having respect and understanding of the past so we may move forward together with grace and our sense of humor intact.”

An example of Sarah's artwork at hutch:



$1750 - 48 x 72


Photos by Dana Damewood Photography

Stylizing & Art Curated by Birdhouse Interior Design

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