Meet the Maker: Stuart Gair

Stuart Gair of Stuart Gair Ceramics comes to us from Lincoln, NE. His ceramics are one of a kind pieces that are also dishwasher safe. And to be honest, all of the Hutch employees now own a piece or two of his, and are our go-to coffee mugs.

"I am drawn to the daily routines of working clay, which is both rhythmic and meditative. It is my hope that each piece I make may also become integrated into the daily use of another's life. As a student of history at Ohio University, I also began taking ceramics courses. As time went on, my passions for both clay and history began to gravitate toward one another. I realized that ceramics has an amazing past and I began to incorporate elements from my studies into my pots. This balance of interests changed the path of my life as I am currently pursing a graduate degree in ceramics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The form and surface of each pot provides me the opportunity to explore my historical interests through the subtleties of architectural pattern, detail, and geometry."

Find several of Stuart's pieces at hutch!

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