Mixology Workshop Recap!

Mixology Workshop Recap!

Two weeks ago Hutch held another successful, and rather, spirited, event. Hosted by fellow Midtown Crossing compatriots, Grane, our Mixology Workshop was both instructive and entertaining.

Photo by attendee Justine Ward

Led by Grane bartender, and charismatic instructor, Joel Lavelle, more than 25 participants gathered in the shop to study and practice the art of cocktail mixology. Over the course of the evening they learned to make (and enjoyed) four signature cocktails – Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Aviation, and Summer Thyme.

Each table setting came complete with all the tools of the trade necessary to craft the finest cocktails, plus the glasses to consume them! As a parting gift at the evening's end, we gave each guest a goody bag for their tools to continue exercising their mixology skills at home.    

Overall, it was a great event. Thank you to everyone who joined us, Grane for hosting, and Joel for leading! You all made the night so perfect. We're taking the month of July off, but we'll be back in August for another killer workshop. Stay tuned!   


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